Sugar and food

In the sugar and food industry there are the often severe demands such as abrasion created by the transportation of coarse materials and the damaging effects of oily and greasy products. There are also important safety factors such as fire and combustion hazards to consider, steep inclined transportation and, of course, durability and reliability.

  • Dunlop conveyor belting offers a diversified portfolio of products for sugar and food industry.
  • Sugar and food
  • Sugar and food
  • Sugar and food

The comprehensive Dunlop range includes  fire resistant, wear resistant and oil and fat resistant belts for the transportation of raw materials in crude form; high conductivity belts to prevent ignition sparks; chevron and other high quality profiled belts for use where steep conveying angles are involved.

Specific carcasses for the sugar and food industry are:



Cover qualities

  • Abrasion resistant qualities: RA
  • Oil and grease resistant quality: ROM / ROS
  • Fire resistant quality: BV / BV ROM / BV ROS

Dunlop cover qualities