Chemicals and fertilizers

Safety, particularly fire hazards, the abrasive nature of coarse bulk materials, hot, chemical and oil based products are amongst the many and varied demands placed on conveyor belts in the chemical and fertilizer industry. Long-term durability and reliability have a major influence on the cost effectiveness of the operation.

  • Dunlop conveyor belts are successfully applied in many chemical and fertilizer installations.
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Chemicals and fertilizers

Dunlop supplies the most practical belts for each of these demands including high wear resistant, tear and cut resistant belts for raw material transportation, heat and Fire resistant resistant belts for the production processes and chemical and oil resistant belts both for the production process and for the transportation of the end products.

Specific carcasses and cover qualities for the chemical and fertilizer industry are:


  • Superfort
  • Dunloflex
  • Trioflex


Cover qualities

  • Abrasion Resistant: RA / RS / RE
  • Heat resistant qualities: Betahete / Starhete / Deltahete
  • Oil and grease resistant properties: ROM / ROS
  • Fire resistant quality: BV / BV ROM / BV ROS

Dunlop cover qualities