Conveyor belts for the cement industry

Operating conditions in the cement industry present one of the toughest working environments imaginable for cement conveyor belts, including the abrasive characteristics of primary materials, high cement temperatures and even more extreme temperatures caused by red-hot clinker. The continuous heat and potential elongation within the elevators can be an even more stringent test.

  • Dunlop ocnveyor belts used in cement industry have high resistance to wear and abrasion as well as can endure high temperatures.
  • Conveyor belts for the cement industry

Because of the potentially huge costs of lost production due to belt failure, we have developed conveyor belts that provide the best possible assurance of reliability and long operational life. Our heat resistant belts are designed for heavy-duty service conditions and are capable of handling temperatures that can peak at up to 400° C.

Specific carcasses and cover qualities for the cement industry are:



Cover qualities

  • Abrasion resistant qualities: RA
  • Heat resistant qualities: Betahete / Starhete / Deltahete

Cunlop cover qualities