Sawmill belts

Dunlop saw mill conveyor belts have been especially developed for use within the timber industry. Applications include the conveying of tree trunks, planks, bark etc. The rubber used on these belts is non-staining and has been designed to provide first-class resistance to oil and resins.

Carcass construction

The carcass construction consists of at least two plies of Polyester-Polyester fabric (EE). The advantages of EE fabric are that it is impervious to moisture, has very good chemical resistance, low elongation and high tensile strength.

Belt width availability:

Available in widths up to 2000mm.

Cover grade quality options:
Supplied with oil and resin-resistant cover grade qualities.

Cover thickness:
Supplied as standard without covers or 1.5mm face or 0mm back for slider belt applications. Other thickness’ available upon request.

Belt types:

  • S 400/3 – 0 + 0mm Saw Mill

  • S 400/3 – 1.5 + 0mm Saw Mill

  • S 500/3 – 0 + 0mm Saw Mill

  • Other types available upon request.