Usflex conveyor belts

UsFlex has an innovative heavy duty carcass that out-performs traditional multi-ply belts in almost every respect. The major advantage of UsFlex is its extremely strong 'straight-warp' construction giving it superior impact, rip and tear resistance and first class operational performance and extended life span.

  • Usflex conveyor belts
  • Usflex conveyor belts

Application area:

This conveyor belt is suitable for use in all areas, especially in high impact conditions and low maintenance environment, including cement, mining, quarry, wood, paper and pulp, recycling, steel and transshipment industries.

Product properties:

  • Superior impact, rip and tear resistance
  • High strength
  • Excellent load support
  • Outstanding troughability
  • Lightweight


Cover Quality

  • Abrasion resistant qualities: RS
  • Oil and grease resistant quality: ROS
  • Other qualities available on request

Dunlop cover qualities


How it works and it compares to 'imitation' versions

Watch the UsFlex film to see how it works or check out the rip testing of UsFlex and see how it compares to 'imitation' versions!

Rip test conveyor belt Dunlop UsFlex

Dunlop UsFlex Conveyor belt rip resistance tested against competitor belts with amazing results.

Dunlop UsFlex high performance conveyor belt

Dunlop UsFlex high performance conveyor belt for the most demanding conditions.

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