Abrasion resistant conveyor belt

The wear resistance of a conveyor belt is one of the major factors that determine its life expectancy and ultimately the truest test of its value for money. For the technicians at Dunlop, the objective is to always supply our customers with conveyor belts that provide the lowest possible “lifetime cost”.

Laboratory tests clearly demonstrate that Dunlop wear and abrasion resistant cover grades exceed the international DIN & ISO quality standards in every single respect. The two most important tests relate to tear strength and abrasion. Tear strength is important where the transportation of sharp objects causes cutting and gouging. Abrasion resistance is especially relevant where coarse materials such as sinter, sand and gravel are being carried.

RA Grade – High abrasion resistance for normal service conditions
RE Grade – Excellent resistance to cuts, impact, abrasion and gouging caused by large lumps of heavy, sharp objects falling from height.
RS Grade – Possesses all of the qualities of the RE cover grade plus extra wear resistance to meet the demands of conveying highly abrasive materials.

For more information about abrasion resistant conveyor belts within the Dunlop Product Range, please follow the link in the menu on the left of the following types:

  • Multi-ply
  • Straight warp
  • Steel reinforced
  • Mono-ply Solid Woven
  • Closed conveyors
  • Profiled
  • Slider belts
  • Aramid reinforced


For technical information about abrasion resistance, please read our technical bulletin on the subject.