Ultima Rubber Sheeting

Ultima Industrial Rubber Sheeting has been designed and developed in accordance with DIN 7715 by the Dunlop Research & Development team. Ultima provides the perfect compliment to Dunlop conveyor belts to aid longer service life and give optimal installation effectiveness. This highly successful product can be used for a variety of applications, including bunker lining, rubber skirting, seals and pulley lagging.

  • Ultima rubber sheeting is a perfect product to protect your conveyor installation.

The new Dunlop Ultima rubber sheeting range, which is being exclusively made in their Drachten factory, has been designed and developed strictly in accordance with DIN 7715 international standards. Our R&D team has made sure that Ultima is exceptionally resistant to wear and has excellent tensile strength. It is also fully resistant to the damaging effects of ozone and ultra violet, which causes rubber to crack and degrade over time.

It's available in a range of thicknesses and widths, with or without a diamond profile, in hardnesses of 60° Shore A and 40° Shore A. All products can also be supplied with adhesive layer.

The key advantages of Ultima include:
- Exclusively manufactured in Holland
- Exceptional wear resistance
- Safe to handle – fully compliant with REACH regulations
- Fully ozone resistant (EN/ISO 1431)
- Excellent adhesion capabilities
- Low maintenance / easy cleaning
- Quick and easy purchase in Ultima online store

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