Alanta waterbeds

The revolutionary Alanta® waterbed cow mattress was first introduced in 1997 and is now used with great success on farms all over the world. The bed is seamless and 100% watertight. The risk of cross-infection is minimised because bacteria, moulds and other microscopic organisms cannot penetrate the surface. Using Alanta waterbeds also reduces problems such as lameness, thick hocks, teat damage, mastitis and other kinds of inflammation. Due to its oval shape, moisture, including milk and urine, drains off quickly, reducing the amount of litter that needs to be used compared to other bedding systems. The rubber insulation layers mean that the bedding is dry, warm and comfortable all year round.

  • Atlanta waterbeds made by Dunlop ensure safe and hygenic conditions.
  • Alanta waterbeds

The insulating rubber layers are strengthened with synthetic fabrics to create an extremely strong and hardwearing construction. A guaranteed minimum lifespan of no less than ten years is provided, with an anticipated lifespan of more than twenty years. Alanta waterbeds are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and are DLG tested.

Your investment is returned quickly

  • A higher life expectancy of your animals
  • Reduced risk of lameness thick hocks, teat damage, mastitis, inflammations, etc Higher milk production per animal
  • Reduced litter costs
  • Lower labour costs due to faster cleaning


A practical and simple system

  • DLG tested
  • Resistant to high pressure cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • Standard sizes supplied from stock
  • Different sizes (e.g. for bulls, calves) can be manufactured on request

  • Ten years guarantee


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