Belt Type: Superfort 800/4 6+2 RA Abrasion resistant

Industry: Quarry
Updated: 02-02-2010
Location: Central America
Brief details of conveyor/application: Feeder belt: main feed from quarry to crusher and screening site.
Type of material carried: Aggregate and rock.
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: Superfort 800/4 6+2 RA
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 12 months +
Type and specification of belt previously used: 4-ply, abrasion resistant
Manufacturer: Semperit
Average life of competitors belt – months 6 months maximum with some lasting much less.
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: This quarry had previously been replacing the feeder belt at 6 monthly intervals (or less) supplied by Semperit. More than 12 months ago the local Dunlop distributor supplied Superfort 800/4 6+2 RA belt. The belt has therefore improved operational lifetime by more than 100% and is still performing well and remains in excellent condition. It has far exceeded the customer’s expectations.