Belt Type: Superfort 500/3 5+2 Deltahete heat resistant

Industry: Steel
Location: South America
Brief details of conveyor/application: Heat conveyors in the sinter area
Type of material carried: Hot sinter pellets 160 - 180 C
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: Superfort 500/3 5+2 Deltahete (stock item)
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 9 months and still running without problem
Type and specification of belt previously used: 630/4 6+2 mm heat resistant Shield
Manufacturer: Goodyear
Average life of competitors belt – months 3 – 4 months
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: The site maintenance managers responsible for the conveyor systems believed that they were getting the best possible performance purely because of the reputation of the Goodyear brand. However, they accepted an offer to put Dunlop Deltahete to the test. The Deltahete belt has already lasted more than twice as long as the Goodyear belts and continues to operate without signs of heat damage. The operational lifetime of the Deltahete belts is expected to be at least four times longer than the previous belts used. As a result, the customer has committed to using only Dunlop Deltahete in future.