Belt Type: Superfort 400/3 4+2 ROS oil/fat resistant

Industry: Recycling
Location: Poland
Brief details of conveyor/application: Horizontal conveyor. 82 meters long used in first stage of transportation process carrying untreated waste.
Type of material carried: Various types of dangerous / toxic waste.
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: Superfort 400/3 4+2 ROS
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 6 months +
Type and specification of belt previously used: 3-ply, oil resistant
Manufacturer: Various manufacturers including (most recently) SAVA
Average life of competitors belt – months Between 2 to 3 months maximum with some lasting as little as two weeks.
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: This recycling plant had tested several belts supplied by a number of different manufacturers. The results were extremely poor. Six months ago the local Dunlop distributor installed 400/3 4+2 ROS belt. The belt is still operating and remains in excellent condition and has far exceeded the customer’s expectations.