Belt Type: Superfort 1600/3 6+3 BVXK fire resistant

Industry: Transhipment (coal)
Location: Europe
Brief details of conveyor/application: Field Conveyor 1560m Design capacity 5300tpf @ 5.01m/s
Type of material carried: Coal
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: SU1600/3 6+3 BVXK
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 6 years to date, excellent condition, expected to last several more years
Type and specification of belt previously used: EP 1600/4 6+3 fire resistant
Manufacturer: Semperit and various manufacturers
Average life of competitors belt – months 12 to 36 months, first repairs with 6 months, Semperit belt replaced with 14 months
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: Since installing Dunlop BVXK belt the operating life of the belt has greatly improved while the maintenance costs including the need to repair and re-splice have reduced significantly. Dunlop Service fitted the belt in 5 days compared to the usual 9 days.