Belt Type: Superfort 1000/4 6+3 Z BVXS fire resistant

Industry: Transhipment (coal)
Location: UK
Brief details of conveyor/application: CV 430 conveyor, 3.76m/s, Cap 5500tph max, Rail load-out conveyor situated in an import dock terminal.
Type of material carried: Coal
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: SU1000/4 6+3 Z BVXS Grade (235mtrs x 2200mm)
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 9 months +
Type and specification of belt previously used: 2200mm 1000/4 6+3mm Fire Retardant
Manufacturer: Semperit and Chinese Import
Average life of competitors belt – months 3 months (maximum)
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: Conveyor is located in a large coal import terminal, and is situated on the rail load-out facility. The conveyor has an extending section in order to unload at different points. The previous belts were failing at these points because excess force was causing the belt to be pushed down into the idler sets resulting in de-lamination. We recommended a change to a Dunlop belt, which has better adhesion and specifically to use a BVX-S belt which would have slightly thicker inter-plies to further minimise the problem. To date the Dunlop belt has been operating for 9 months and continues to work extremely well with no signs of delamination.