Belt Type: Superfort 1000/4 6+3 BVXS fire resistant 2200mm

Industry: Transhipment (coal)
Location: Europe
Brief details of conveyor/application: Train loader conveyor 315m x 2200mm wide belt. Design capacity 5500tpf @ 3.6m/s
Type of material carried: Coal
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: Superfort EP1000/4 6+3 BVXS. 2200mm wide
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 2 years+. Measured top cover thickness after 2 years was still 6mm as originally supplied. Belt remains in excellent condition. Additional life of several years expected.
Type and specification of belt previously used: EP 1000/4 6+3 fire resistant
Manufacturer: Local service company. Origin most likely Far East.
Average life of competitors belt – months Usually between 6 to 10 months with repairs after 3 months.
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: Since installing Dunlop BVXS belt two years ago the operating life has clearly improved while the maintenance costs have reduced significantly. The thicker skim of the BVXS assisted with an improved load support, which has also contributed to the longer belt life. First repairs on the previous belt were made only 3 months after installation.