Belt Type: Dunlopipe TC 630/3 RA 6+3 1000 mm wide

Industry: Mining (phosphate)
Location: Middle East
Brief details of conveyor/application: Pipe conveyor for transport of phosphate to silo
Type of material carried: Very fine phosphate (powder)
Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied: TC 630/3 RA 6+3 1000 mm wide, moulded edges
Current operating life of Dunlop belt: 18 months +
Type and specification of belt previously used: TC 630/3 DIN Y 6+3 1000 mm wide, moulded edges
Manufacturer: Ozerband, SIG and others
Average life of competitors belt – months 6 months
Background story – general explanation of circumstances: This extremely price sensitive customer states that Dunlop has supplied the best pipe conveyor belt ever for one of his most critical installations, which conveys phosphate powder to a silo with KOCH pipe conveyor design. It is performing much better than the original competitor belt and in comparison to the previous belt (made by a Turkish company) the lifetime is far longer. The installation is running virtually 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week. The previous belt had lasted only 6 months, whilst the Dunlop belt has been running for 18 months, almost "without touching it". The Dunlop belt was "harder to install”, due to the different and unique Dunlop tube conveyor belt design, but once it was installed, it “keeps on performing". Technical details: - C-C: 202 m. - Drive: single head pulley drive 1 x 75 kW - Speed: 2.1 m/s - Capacity: 350 t/h - Lift: 46 m - Material: dry phosphate - Belt width: 1000 mm -----> tube 250 mm