September 10: Dunlop open new service center in Sicily.

As part of their continued expansion following the successful introduction of their first service centre just 12 months ago near Bergamo, Dunlop Conveyor Belting has now opened a second Dunlop Service Italia centre in Sicily. The new facility has been established to provide a 24/7/365 service to customers in the Sicily and Calabria regions as well as the south of Italy.

The new facility has been impressively equipped and stocked by Dunlop. Apart from providing belt fitting (splicing) services, Dunlop Service also hold a range of high-performance conveyor belts and conveyor components. This wide range of stock enables them to quickly respond to virtually any kind of request from their customers.

Dunlop’s general manager for Italy, Gianni Gresia, believes that the new centre is a major step forward for Dunlop Service Italia. “We have been delighted with the success since we first opened in Calcio so now we want to extend our service and provide an even faster response time to our customers located in all of southern Italy”.

Dunlop Service in Sicily is operated by its own dedicated sales, engineering and splicing team. “We have a very experienced team of people who I know will do a great job. The challenge now is to make conveyor belt users aware that we are right on their doorstep, not only in the south but throughout the whole of Italy”.

For more information please contact Gianni Gresia on +39 (0) 340 091 7925

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