May 10: Dunlop introduce elevator belt fasteners.

Dunlop Conveyor Belting has introduced a comprehensive range of top quality elevator belt fasteners and accessories. The fasteners have been designed and tested to complement their range of elevator belts including the highly successful steel reinforced Dunlop Ferroflex FSW.

“We have been producing high-performance elevator belts for many years but up until now our customers have had to buy their fasteners elsewhere” says Sales & Marketing Director Andries Smilda. “By adding elevator fasteners and accessories such as buckets to our range it makes it a lot easier and more convenient for our customers”.

Dunlop’s head of application engineering, Sytze Brouwers, has been leading the project and admits that it has taken some time to find what he describes as ‘the perfect fit’. “Elevator belting is a specialist niché market” explains Mr. Brouwers. “Operational performance is naturally very important but what is even more important is safety. If a belt fails prematurely then it can be very costly but if there is a failure at the joint then that is a very serious safety matter. This is why we have taken so much care to find fasteners that give 100% confidence”.

Dunlop Ferroflex FSW elevator belts are available in all cover qualities including the Dunlop Deltahete heat resistant construction, which is ideal for use within the cement industry due to the high temperatures involved. The belts can be supplied with cable free zones to make the installation of buckets and fasteners easier and to create a dynamically stronger endless belt.

For more information on this subject please contact your local Dunlop sales representative or Dunlop’s Application Engineering team on +31 (0) 512 585 555.