December 23: NEW Dunlop Service websites

New Dunlop Service websites


We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Dunlop Service websites. Explore them to find out more about our regional offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, Ghana, Middle East and Morocco. Dunlop Service is a global organisation, that is why each website has been customised to its market accordingly.

The new websites were designed according to Dunlop’s new corporate identity that will be introduced in 2017. Apart from the fresh graphic content they are definitely more user-friendly, allowing visitors to easily find all necessary information on conveyor related products and services. The new websites emphasise our brand values, which are Quality, Reliability and Know-How.

There are still so many people to reach, we hope the new websites will improve our company’s online appearance and bring more business possibilities. The new concept will definitely show that we are able to provide individual solutions to our current and future customers” says Hans Derwig, Managing Director Dunlop Service.

Each website can be accessed from any device and is connected to our social media including Twitter and Facebook.

Check them out: