March 2016 Engineering & Equipment

Ultima Rubber Sheeting

Industrial rubber sheeting may not sound particularly exciting but in actual fact it is widely used in a wide cross-section of industries for a great many different purposes such as chute lining, conveyor skirting, screening and wear and corrosion protection. For some years now, the market for rubber sheeting in Europe has been dominated by Asian-imported product, especially from China. But if Netherlands-based Dunlop Conveyor Belting has its way, then that situation could well be about to change as it has now launched a brand new range of Dunlop Ultima rubber sheeting.

Dunlop’s strategy is based on offering a top quality European manufactured product that is competitively priced, totally safe to handle, long-lasting and which has an order and delivery system that is flexible, fast and easy. Dunlop believes that this combination will be more attractive than imported rubber sheeting from Asia with all the associated quality, logistical and commercial issues.

Dunlop Conveyor Belting technical director, Dr. Michiel Eijpe, explains why the company is now able to manufacture top quality sheeting at highly competitive market prices.  “The quality of any rubber product — especially its durability, wear resistance and strength — is largely determined by the quality of the raw materials that are used. We have managed to achieve greater economy without compromising the quality by investing in brand new equipment and developing highly efficient new production processes.
Eijpe goes on to explain that the new Dunlop Ultima rubber sheeting range, which is exclusively made in its Drachten factory in the Netherlands, has been designed and developed strictly in accordance with DIN 7715 international standards.
Our Research & Development team has made sure that Ultima is exceptionally resistant to wear and has excellent tensile strength. It is also fully resistant to the harmful effects of ozone and ultra violet, which causes rubber to crack and degrade. This is especially relevant in coastal based operations.” Safety is also an important factor.

Like all of our products, Ultima is safe to handle because it fully complies with the strict European regulations (REACH) concerning the use of potentially hazardous chemicals within the manufacturing process. These regulations do not apply to manufacturers located outside of Europe of course”.

Dunlop feels that it also has a number of other advantages. To make  the ordering process quick and easy, it has created a dedicated Internet website and on-line payment system. The website allows customers to select the products and quantities they want to order and even calculates the cost of delivery based on the postal/zip code. Orders are then fed directly to a specially adapted warehouse in Holland for the fastest possible turnaround. Sales & Marketing Director Andries Smilda is particularly excited by what is a very new approach, not only for Dunlop but by the industry in general. “We have always competed on quality but thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of people behind the scenes we now feel that we have added competitive pricing and enhanced customer service to the customary Dunlop quality advantage.”

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