Technical Information Bulletins

On this page we are publishing what will be a series of technical information bulletins on specific technical subjects. More technical bulletins will be added in the future.

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Information Bulletin Number 1: Abrasion resistance

The wear resistance qualities of a conveyor belt are one of the major factors that determine operational lifetime and cost-effectiveness. This bulletin provides important guidance on how to select the best type and quality of abrasion resistant outer cover.

Information Bulletin Number 2: Fire Resistance

Conveyor belts can rapidly spread a fire with catastrophic consequences. A top quality fire resistant belt is essential for environments where fire poses a threat. Unfortunately, there is a lot of variation in the quality of fire resistant belting available in the market. Fire retardancy standards and test methods can also be very confusing. This can make it very difficult to make the right choice. This technical bulletin will help to explain what you need to know:

Information Bulletin Number 3: Heat Resistance

Of all the demands placed on conveyor belts, heat is usually the most unforgiving and damaging. High temperature environments accelerate the ageing process, which causes the rubber to harden and crack. This effectively destroys its operational strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance. For the durability of the belt it is important to make the right choice. This bulletin is to help you do just that.

Information Bulletin Number 4: Extreme Cold

When the ambient temperature falls below -0°C rubber begins to lose its elasticity. As the temperature falls, the rubber continues to lose flexibility and its ability to resist abrasion, impact and cutting. Eventually the belt is unable to trough and pass around pulleys and begins to crack or will even break. If your conveyor belt needs to operate in extremely low temperatures, the information in this bulletin might be helpful to you.

Information Bulletin Number 5: Oil

Conveying materials and products that contain oil, fat or grease can have a very detrimental effect on the performance and life expectancy of a conveyor belt. If your conveyor belt needs to operate in this kind of conditions, the information in this bulletin might be helpful to you.

Information Bulletin Number 6: Ozone

Ozone occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere. At high altitude, it acts as a protective shield by absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays. However, at low altitude, the ozone itself becomes a pollutant. Learn more about the effect on ozone on your belt.